Accidentaly logged out of my IF acc now no active subscription?

Greetings there, I am from Sweden and 13 years old.
I really love playing IF, but yesterday I accidentally logged out of my Account on Infinite flight.

Well, I was logging out and suddenly today right now when I log back into the account (Yes I know 100% its this one) it says I have no active subscription, and aswell once I pressed on the “I already have a subscription” it will not work, please help
Was thinking of doing a 15 hour long haul flight.

Anyways please help!!
And im new to this so sorry if I’m not that great or something (making the topic more professional)

Hello! Can you do a restart of your device (power down)? If that doesn’t work a delete and reinstall of the app usually does. 😊

Did not work.
What do I do now? ill show you some pictures. what it says:


Oh yeah and this one tells that I Have a subscription.

Did you try re-installing the app and then signing in again?

I did, and it would still say the same thing. Similarly when I pressed on the 6 months option it would say "Your subscribtion on 6 months is away on the 29 jun 2018 for 539,00kr (swedish kronor)

What is your callsign and display name? I’ll have a look at the subscription.


Virgin 885 I believe so.

Plus somehow it says my old name once I logged back in “Planesinroblox” when its ifpilot228.

thank you !

You are logging in with the wrong Gmail. I’ll PM you the details :)