Accidentally pressed ATC camera view over the Atlantic!

Well it just happened. 5.5 hours of flawless flight doing AA70 from KDFW to EDDF (B789) and was only 2.50 hours away from arriving 😭😭😭. I was changing the camera view and accidentally scrolled over to the ATC view when going back from the aerial view. Good Bye flight! Just completely closed out of IF & Infinite Passengers and now I gotta start over😠. I wish there was a way to lock this button out as I was over 1,000 miles away from the closest airport in Ireland. I know this was brought up once or twice but I really wish I didn’t lose my flight over something this stupid.

err couldn’t you have changed it back to normal??


He means IF crashed because presumably he was over the ocean and ATC view was somewhere hundreds of miles away.


Happened to me a while back over the Pacific. It hurts bro 😭

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It’s a terrible feeling, had to hold back from throwing my phone smh, I’ll just avoid changing views period when I’m over the ocean. I’ll keep it on cockpit view until I’m over an airport of some sort and even then I’ll be super skeptical and just save the viewing for the replay. I’m about to re-enter all 20+ waypoints and start this whole thing from scratch and go to bed after I reach cruising Alt (FL350) after step climbing of course


Yes, that needs to get fixed. It happened to me 2 times (very annoying after several hours of flying) . IF just crashes when you open this camera view, there is nothing you can do about it except not to open this camera.


I knew it was going to happen as I was trying my hardest to avoid it like the plague and my fingers slipped… 2 times! too many, I know you were heated!. Here goes round 2, 33 minutes into it and I’m NOT going anywhere near that button. I’ll set my alarm clock for when I get around LHR airspace, Approach there picks you up at FL350 and yell at you if you’re sleep lol

approach is not supposed to pick you up at 35000 feet. are you in the training server?


Sorry to hear you lost your flight!

I never knew this was a 'dangererous move¹ to do.
I guess this explains a few app crashes I’ve had in the past…


Yep that happened to me 3 times in 2 days.

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this specificly hasn’t happened to me but I have had people come into my room and turn my phone off mid flight.

Sorry to hear this happened! Our next update will contain a fix for this so the app doesn’t crash if you are loading a tower camera for the first time far from an airport.


Happened to me when i attempting lax to YSSY.

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