Accidentally going through another plane

Hi everyone,

So this happened about 30 mins ago. I was reported because of going through another player while taxiing to park after landing at YYZ on the expert server.

Ever since I updated to 19.4, I experienced 4 crashes either flying or on final (as many others have also experienced). So I followed the recommended steps of restarting the device before every flight and lowering the graphic and live settings, which included lowering the airplane count to either low or none. I decided to select the none option as I dont really fly to ATC airports that much, so seeing other planes wouldnt be an issue.

Fast forward to today, where I fly into YYZ from CDG on the A350 and every thing was going smoothly. I noticed that there was ATC on approach and wasnt that crowded (3 planes at that time). So I preceded to follow all instructions and landed. As I was taxiing to park, just before pulling into the gate, I received a message that I was reported for going through another player, without any warning. I was kind of surprised by this, I received no warning. I know it was my fault that I didnt check surroundings after I landed, even with plane count to none, but I feel that it was an honest mistake and that I shouldve gotten a warning, as Ive seen many people do.

Is there anyway I can get this appealed and removed from my record and allowed back to the expert server?




Please check your logbook and find the controller that reported you.
When you do you can send them a PM here and discuss it :)


How do you find the controller on here?

Hi there! I believe @Aaron.C was your controller. Contact him directly to resolve it.


I believe that was me, I’ll send you a PM now.


Actually would you be able to send me a PM first @Aalan I’m unable to send you one. Thanks!

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You can contact Aaron via PM :)