Accidentally Disengaging Autopilot When Trying to Select Systems

Hello guys! Hope everyone is having a great day…

Today I’m flying a route that I’ve been meaning to accomplish for a while now: KLAX-OMDB. Although all is going well, I had a slight bump in the road earlier on which sent me in a near deadly dive. So I was wondering If anyone has ever made that same mistake I made: Slipping up and pressing the A/P key when meaning to select the systems key.

I know I should probably just be more careful, but I am interested to see If any of you folks have had the same experience. Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a happy Saturday!

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Hey, there is a feature request here for a double click to disengage autopilot, head over and give it a vote!

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Yes I have! And crashed, including a few violations 😑

I hadn’t seen the Feature request from @Allen_Lu but thanks to the reply from @CJHoughton I have now voted for this.

My workaround for now is to leave my tablet on the radar screen, where you can’t touch any Auto-Pilot buttons.


With the current view of the systems, as you know pressing systems opens up a window with all the stuff.

But what less folks know, is that with the open system window you go to map, the system window will stay in the foreground.

I accidentally discovered this, and I find it indeed useful!
Though you still need to go to the normal page to deactivate it, you have access to all the system buttons without pressing others.

Btw this isn’t really a problem for me, I finally found a useful application for my big pianist hands!

I’ve been in that situation and I have developed a habit of consistently recalibrating the iPad before I make screen selections after I’ve put the iPad down or moved around, etc. The feature request for a double tap is a good one, in the meantime this strategy may help you considerably as it has helped me.

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