Accidental Unable's

A lot of people are complaining about the “unable” function and about how pilots seem to either spam or press that whenever they don’t want to follow controllers commands. I’m here to say is agree as a controller, hearing that doesn’t create stress as the first thing I think of is a noncomplying aircraft. However, there is the chance they clicked it by accident. What do I mean?
Have you noticed on the command menu, when issued say a heading or altitude by a controller, the “acknowledge” and “unable” button are stacked right in each other. Just today I went for a very short hop flight in TS1 and was inbound when I was ordered to change my heading. I moved to acknowledge and accidentally brushed the unable button. The message flashed and was away. I felt bad for the TS controller (yes even though it is TS and he probably didn’t know what he was doing) because I was very able but I accidentally hit the unable button.
I think what should be the justifying move on this, is that if someone says unable, rescend your last request (as the controller) and if they say unable a second time then you know you may have issues. But if the controller had recent that heading command I would have paid more attention and made sure I hit the right button. This has happened twice in my entire IF career and I’m wondering if anyone has anything to say about this idea?


You really can’t click it by accident. There is a confirm, as well as the “Correction, stand by” message.

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I just did unfortunately

Yes the correction stand by command is there but I’m not sure how many people know of its use

I have pressed it accidentally. I was inbound for landing and just fat fingered my way into some ATC menu and hit unable. I then hit “Correction” and re-stated my last intention. It all was fine. I’m sure I confused somebody since we were in the middle of talking


Exactly! This thread is also meant to show people what to do when they hit unable and this is a good example

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Fish "Unable,a Majic Word remains active in the archive. Just checked.


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Fish "Unable,a Majic Word remains active in the archive. Just checked.

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I fixed the title haha sorry about that @Maxmustang

If someone says unable by mistake/accident ,please follow it with a correction standby or I am sorry so we know it wasn’t intentional. And follow the last given instruction. These r the only two ways we know u pressed that mistakenly.


I’ll file that away thank you sir!

I’ve don’t it before, it’s actually common.

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