Accidental "Unable" Command - History of Commands/Responses

With the size of my iPhone, I am worried that I might accidentally press unable, and get ghosted, for something I didn’t mean to do. I think there should be a history of all the possible commands/responses that Air Traffic Controllers gave you, and if you press “Unable” accidentally, you could be able to go back to the history of commands/responses and press “Acknowledge”. Like this thread if you feel the same way!


Sorry, I’m not sure if this belongs in #live or #features

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If you accidentally hit a button, hit “correction, stand by”


Yeah, but how do I tell them I want to do it again …

Just request it

You can’t request a turn … I really wish you could, though!

Why would you need to request a turn? It’s a Controller’s job to vector you in safely while maintaining seperation.

True, all true …

Well, I’m trying to say that you could say “Correction, Stand by” then “Turn right heading XXX …”

Psst… You’ll be asked to confirm your intentions so just tap Back