Accidental Emergency

So… I was flying into TNCM. ATC Approach put me into a pretty nice line up straight for the runway. I put my flaps down, flew my Q400 towards runway 10 and landed. It was a nice smooth landing but when the back gears touched the ground, It seemed different. Then I came to an very quick stop. I had no brakes on, no reverse thrust and I stopped after about 5 seconds on the ground. I became even more confused. I began to put power into the engines to vacate the runway but didn’t move. I glanced at the control buttons on the right side of my screen and immediately quit. I forgot to put my gear down, but I still ended up getting a lot of XP for how smooth it was and the wind. Has this happened to anyone? Do I share any humiliation with anyone else in front of a crowd of around seven people. :(


Did you land like 5 minutes ago?

And shouldn’t this go into #live

You’re not supposed to land with your front gear first. It’s probably because your gear got stuck in the ground.


I’ve done this stunt once at Heathrow Advanced. I didn’t put my gear down till my plane got stuck on the floor. Then tower told me to exit the runway and I quit. I learned I need to make sure I have enough altitude to do that.


No I just completely forgot to put my gear down

Yeah I did. Were you there?

rip, I saw you, I was one of the people who quited because I hate waiting ;-;


I once accidentally disengaged the AP somewhere between LAX and SAN on live. I got about 5 250kt warning after my plane nosedived.


I’ve done the exact same thing. Thought it was a good landing and everything lol. It happens.

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were you behind me?.. as who ever that was did the same thing too.

Landing a CCX at a runway with 25 knot winds and 12 people holding short - Don’t do it.

Anyways, I’ve never forgot to put my landing gear down on landing, but I did have moments when I just had the most beautiful, most centerline, most smoothest landing ever, and I forgot to put my spoilers on Armed. :|

Probably not as serious, but I usually turn my landing light off after takeoff passing 1500ft and back on about 5 minutes before touchdown. Well sometimes I turn it off and forget to turn it back on when landing lol. But I’ve never forgot my gear at least on Advanced. I’ve done it a ton on PG.

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#1 rule of landing you should have somthing to land on XD
But i wont make fun of ya becouse i did it like twice this month

Lol that must be somewhat embarrassing. When that happens, it’s best to just end flight, grab a slice of pound cake, and learn from your experience.


Has happened to me! Now do a quick checklist when passing 1000AGL, " speed, flaps, gear, weight and balance ".

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I always have my gear down for landing, but they also happened to be down 30 seconds after take off on several occasions… 😜

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Then tell me how I got 545 XP in a 45 minute flight. lol

Landing lights, at least for commercial aviation, on when entering a runway, all the way up to 10,000 feet, and then on after decending through 10,000 until you exit the runway

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I’ve always wondered what the real regulation was IRL. Thanks for the tip.