Accident records: Boeing vs Airbus


Forgive me if I repeat a topic that was discussed previously, I searched and did not find any and please be so kind to refer me if there is such.

National Geographic has been playing episodes of Air Crash Investigation on weekends and I noticed that most of the plane crashes are with Boeing aircraft. What do the stats say?? Which of the two Aviation giants have the worst accident record???

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Moved to RWA, basic reason -> Boeing is in this business for longer than Airbus. It probably has more accidents. ;)

Oh, OK, thanks

To get this straight away: It’s rarely manufacturer related.

I would say Boeing and they have had a lot of crashes between their aircraft, especially the B747 and B737. It is still worrying for most people. I don’t care, I like Boeing.

Airbus is okay but they have had a lot of accidents in the past in their A300, A310, A320 A330, A340 and A400M Aeroplanes. But all of their aeroplanes are of highest quality.

But as @LSZH34 states:

Its rarely manufacturer related. It’s mainly revolving around the airline in general. But in some cases manufacturer problems can cause issues, like with TK981, AA96, UA811 and many more.

In my opinion, both manufacture great aircraft, but hey, accidents happen. It can be very aggravating for us enthusiasts when people state and quote:

“I don’t like the B777 because it might go missing or it might crash”

I have flew on lots of aeroplanes, and like all of them. I’ve even flown on a TU154. But some people think because of how common aeroplanes crash, its a case of I don’t want to fly on it.

That said, I think I have explained a lot. lol.


“I don’t like the B777 because it might go missing or it might crash” reminds me of a joke I once heard.

A man was afraid of flying and his friend unsuccessfully persuaded him to fly on numerous occasions. Eventually, his friend said “look, if it’s not your day to die, you will not die”.

The man responded: “but what if it’s the pilot’s day?”

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Impossible to make a fair comparison… A simple example, Boeing have sold about 2,000 more 737s, than Airbus has sold A320’s, and the 737 first flew 20 years earlier when technology and safety standards etc were less advanced.

A long with just the simple maths that says the 737 would on average have had more incidents, you also have to factor in things such as developing countries, such as those in Africa, that can only afford to purchase older planes from more distinguished carriers. There are a lot more 20+ year old 737’s out there for these countries (with poor safety standards also) to purchase and be flying to this day

To add on to Dush, as time goes on, aviation becomes safer. Since Boeing was around longer, their planes have had more accidents and the accidents were more frequent.

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