Accident of L.A.P.A 3142.

August 31, 1999. Flight 3142, a Boeing 737-204 with registration LV-WRZ was scheduled to make a flight between Jorge Newbery regional airport to Cordoba International airport.
As the plane was speeding up down the runway, the Take Off Warning System sounded, indicating that the plane wasn’t configured for that maneuver. The pilots ignored the alarm and continued with the takeoff run.
Although they pulled the yoke to try and rotate, the plane run out of runway, destroying a fence and crashing against a gas station just in front of the airport.

The result: 63 occupants were killed (including the pilots and more than 40 injured).

The cause: the pilots didn’t deployed the flaps, even though it was something basic and that the TOWS warned them. The pilot was allowed to fly by thr company even though he didn’t have his license up to date.

The result: 32 people were indicted between L.A.P.A directors and Army in charge of the commercial aircraft operation in Argentina.

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How can you forget flaps?

The pilots weren’t focused on the take off checklist and were talking about personal stuff.

You be suprised how easy it is to forget things like that

NW255 might help explain t also. Similar situation when they forgot to set flaps/slats