Accessing frequencies out of range

The reason I’m not putting this into the future category is because I’m not sure if it already exists or not. I thought it may be a good idea to have a website where we can access Infinite Flight ATC frequencies and listen in before we’re within range. Kind of like liveatc. Net. The reason it would be useful it’s because for example I am flying into LAX currently and I have no idea which Runway is being used and I would like to set my flight plan accordingly but you cannot access atis until 100 or so miles out. On a side note is anyone know how far their radar goes Infinite Flight? Like how many miles can you see out for the airplanes?


7R, 7L, 6R, and 6L are being used right now at KLAX. I just departed from there


That’s a good idea but to know active runway u can use flight radar or any websites …or just type in active runway on Google…ifatc follow realistic atis and active runway…😊


You could just look on Liveflight and see what runways are being used.


All good ideas thank you I should have thought of him before. By the way don’t judge me haha this is the first time i flew into LAX in a long time.

You can also check the real-world ATIS for the specific airport which will tell you which runways are in use.

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You can just check the weather, you don’t want to land in tailwind

Check ATIS, 100 NM is more than enough to change your flight plan.
The Approach frequency is up to 50 NM, and Fl180 and less, were you’ll need to contact approach, a great way to see the active runway is by looking at the colors of the runway, most of the time ATC will use the winds to determine the runways in use.

Hope this helps 🙂, stay safe and have a good one!


Checking the real-world ATIS is not something worth doing or going off. IFATC operate completely separately from real procedures unless they choose to do it “properly”. Just wait until you’re within the range of ATIS as Omar mentioned, it contains everything you could ever need to know.


Roger tat sir

Why is that? That seems very backwards

IFATC choose the ATIS without any sort of real information besides the wind. If we choose to use different runways than those in use in real life that’s our choice. There are many reasons this could happen. First, we tend not to look at much more than airport layout, maximum aircraft size and maybe weather. Second, traffic volumes and use of procedures (or lack thereof) in IF is very different to real life, meaning if the same ATIS was set controllers may have difficulty with traffic levels.

However, the weather information will naturally be the same between the IF ATIS and RL ATIS.

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