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Guys. How do I use the ATC on my iPad? I’m not able to access it on any of the servers. What am I doing wrong?

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Are you signed into live?

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Hello! Do you have IF Pro subscription?

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You are able to control on the Training Server once you become Grade 2. Anyone can control on this server, hence the name, Training Server. There is no ATC access on Casual server. ATC on the Expert Server is ran by the program IFATC, in which you have to apply for and take a written and practical exam to join the team. You can find more information about this team and how to join below in the links I have provided.

To be ATC in general, Training or Expert Severs, you have to have a Live Subscription. Once you have purchased a live subscription, you will find the ATC Controlling link under the Online Link. Once you enter the ATC Menu, you will be able to select any airport you would like to control (if not on Expert server). Once you have found the airport you would like to control (as an example, KLAX), select Ground and Tower), and then Control! Hope this helps!


Yes I do. Not sure what the problem is.

Can you show us a screen shot of what you are seeing?


I have the pro subscription.

Is it because you aren’t selecting a controllable airspace? Usually popular airports like the LA or Florida area are taken by other controllers.

Press the back button and from the main menu select Air Traffic control.

Then change the server to the training server by pressing on the server name to change it. You can only control on the training server.

After that, you can select the airport. Find one you know or find one that is available.

When you select and airport, a list of frequencies will appear. Select what you would like to control (suggest starting with ground only) and then press “control” to start controlling.

You do not have have access to Expert Server, but you can control on Training server.

If you want to control on Expert Server, then go to here to begin. I recommend to start training before you contact recruiter.


Ok, got it! Thank you.


Great, if you have any more questions just let us know.


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