Accessible sensitivity settings

I’m trying to figure out what’s a reasonable setting for sensitivity when i try lowering my settings its very hard to keep the pitch up without a ton of trim and if i raise it the pitch feels aggressive so i just don’t know where to leave it.

Pitch is also effected by thrust, flaps and weight in takeoff phase.

Are you referring to the nose sinking when trying to climb and or it being hard to stabilize to a specific pitch attitude without inducing a pitch oscillation?

I use a low sensitivity setting (used to use normal)
and for me this helps keep the plane from being too sensitive.

Try normal, but if in takeoff phase make sure you are not over powered and too much flaps…I think for most users I have seen a average of around 20% positive trim and this should with the correct N1 and normal sensitivity allow you to maintain a stabilized manually climb pitch. Maybe you can share the plane and other data. If I’m not getting your point right then ignor this

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i use low sensitivity to and i do struggle to keep the aircraft stable at around 140kts

what aircraft, at what weight and what phase of flight

takeoff Vr or landing Vref ? A C172 or 777?

I also see you are a member of Finnair Virtual
to also help you don’t they discuss issues with their pilots ?

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usually i fly the A330neo and i at around 7-8 hours of fuel and i rotate at about 145kts i find it hard to keep the nose up right after takeoff and on finaly

Depends on Winds too. Its complicated

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At what weight and flap settings…Others may want to comment here…

What is your TOW ?

At “normal” weight setting , flaps 1+F trim could be +20 pitch up and Vr more like 148 to 150 KIAS

if your nose wants to drop add 10% more positive trim and Flaps 2 plus 5 more knots of speed before you rotate.

give me your TOW and I give you my settings that work for A320 / A321

427,800 lbs thats my take off weight for most of my flights

ok thanks,

Here is the TO performance data i use for the A339
at that weight. 427,800 Lbs/ 194,046 Kg.

Trim +20

91% N1

Flaps 1+F

Vr 153 KIAS

initial pitch 10° through V2

sensitivity setting low

I have yet to experience at any TOW any pitch issues with the A330 series as long as my N1 and Vr and flaps are correct and I don’t over rotate past 10° pitch up until I’m passing through V2.

I think your rotation speed is too low
for your weight
You cant use 145 for all takeoff weights.

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how much trim did you use because i usually use 50-55%

my trim is +20

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You don’t load your fuel based on route distance then or ever change up your cargo load or passenger load correct ?

I keep all the sliders to default and put sensitivity to high and ive been able to grease a landing while being able to realisticly “fly” the nose down to the ground

no i change them but i sally don’t go over 427.000 lbs

So how do you fly to different destinations that vary in distances?? You don’t change your fuel load ?

I just flew from Zurich LSZH to Las Vegas KLAS in the 333 and that takes a different fuel load than Zurich to Madrid ! So the TOW is way different hence the TO Thrust and rotation speed is too.

You just fly at one weight and speed where ever you go to ?

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i just fly long distance flights ones that don’t take any more then around 9 hours like Heathrow to JFK but i do change my fuel load

Wow…ok , you do know the jet stream can alter your time and fuel burn …

If you are open to suggestions, try learning about
V Speeds , TOW, climb performance , cruise performance etc. Also realistic passenger loads which can vary even in the same airframe…

if you like 🙂

Ive grown a habit of changing my payload because it helps you get used to the controls at varying weights, making it easier to master the dynamics of that aircraft. It also adds realism and variety to the app. Flying with the same load over and over again just seems like it wont help you master landing the aircraft you are flying.

Not to mention different weights mean different minimum alts and landing speeds. If you are light, you can go higher and faster, but your landing will be slower.

I would change it up every now and then just to keep yourself on your toes. Its really helped for me in terms of finding that sweet spot with the sensitivity settings


alright i’ll try that