Accessible Rudder control?

A good pilot will use rudder while flying, however the current set up makes it difficult to use the rudder at the same time as flaps and other controls. Is there a way it can be made accessible?

External rudder pedals are maybe what you are looking for? You could do this via the joystick support;

No rudder pedals have been fully confirmed that work perfectly though…

You can always contact @Cameron or enquiries about things like this :)


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Maybe a long shot here, but could volume buttons be used for rudder? It wouldn’t clutter up the screen and there’s both left and right sides. I don’t know if it could override the volume control though, just a thought…

I think the OP meant that the rudder on screen is placed in an awkward position. If you were using the rudder you would not be able to access other controls as your finger would be on the rudder.

I do agree the rudder is in a really bad place. It is nearly impossible on the Galaxies to use the rudder without hitting the back button and going to the pause screen on right turns.


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