Accessibility query

Has the possibility of using large text as an option (eg for ATC transmissions) been considered at all? It would be of considerable help to those of us whom find ourselves…visually challenged!

That might not be feasible.

Hey @anon28286874!

Thanks for reaching out to the community! There is a thread for this where you can go and vote to show your support and will to see this in the Sim!

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Cheers mate!

I don’t see why it might not be feasible? Seems like a perfectly capable feature.

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Ah, thanks very much. I shall make my enquiries in the proper location.

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I say it might not be feasible because he mentioned large text. That might cause games to crash.

No worries. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us regulars or moderators! We’ll be sure to help you out.

Will do :)

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Why exactly? An increased text cannot increase frame rates or the speed at which your device is running on. It’s just not possible. It’s kind of like the bigger text settings on Apple devices.


I’m not quite sure you’ve understood what I’m talking about; in this context I’m referring only to how the text is displayed on screen. I have a somewhat narrow field of view which makes reading small text very tiring. That’s not exactly practical when flying an aircraft at speed, real or simulated!

I’ve never seen any text at all on screen. Maybe it’s just my settings.

I believe should be part of Infinite Flight, there is lot is people who want pursuit their dream but simply cant due to their disability. We should make Infinite Flight accessible to everyone!

By the way, it isn’t a feature yet, but should be added quickly.


So when ATC is communicating to you you don’t see their messages in your log?

Definitely agree. Let’s continue in the linked thread everyone!

I usually don’t have to check my log. Most ATC messages come through audibly.

I do see them, but they’re so small (and because the default text colour is yellow that causes even further difficulty) I rely very heavily on the audible messages. And god knows the second an airport gets busy that becomes nigh on impossible to follow!