Access Via T-Mobile Data Network, iOS Devices

I was on the phone with T-MOBILE and they informed me that all IP4 apps, like apple are moving away from those kind of apps and are going to the IPV6 which are more secure and why the T-Mobile network doesn’t work with those apps and servers and verizon is working on the same thing to keep up with apple. This is why you cannot connect to server via T-Mobile and actually the app has to be updated by the developers. Has nothing to do with the port

I have no idea what you are saying.


Thanks for contact support. Please provide more information and context about the issue you’ve described. I am unable to determine the problem.



Well, T-Mobile sure must hate their customers if they are starting to lock out IpV4 based apps at this point. It’s far to soon to do that.


I think hes saying he cannot connect to IF Live when on T-Mobile, but it’s confusing…

Did you use Google translate? Can’t figure out what you’re saying.

I just think you don’t know understand the technology involved :)


Who did you talk to at Tmobile? Customer service or a store associate? One doesn’t know what their doing and the other does. I have tmobile and Live works with data running. It’s a problem at there end.

Customer service. How did you get yours to work? Who did you talk to?

Is there a solution for live to work on T-Mobile network


What error code are you receiving?

Call them again and ask them to open port 10100. I contacted Laura first then called customer service 5 times to get live to work. I pretty much annoyed them.


thank you i will try them again and hopefully get better luck the second time. i will keep trying until they unlock that port! thanks for the help!


I’m having the same issue now that I’m trying to connect to Infinite Flight using data. I’ve contacted T-Mobile and they told me that Apple is switching to IPV6 with newer phones and to just connect using Wi-Fi. I’m not always connected to Wi-Fi so this is not convenient for me. Any solutions?

Above is a screenshot of Apple’s conversation with me.

That’s absolutely not true. I have no Wifi where I live so I use cellular data and I’m with T-Mobile. Everything works fine with zero lag and rarely do I have connection issues…

Which device do you use?

It’s actually a well-known and widespread issue, for iOS devices.

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I will check myself but I have EE which is T-Mobile and Orange so it may not be reflective of your issue.

I didn’t notice it until now that I’m unable to use Wi-Fi. How exactly can I work my way around this? I’ll be “Wi-Fi-less” for over 2 weeks. I have an expert server to control and a grade 4 to maintain.

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ZTE ZMAX Pro. Not an IOS device

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@schyllberg may be a good resource, not the put him on the spot. But cellular network infrastructure isn’t my forté.

You could always buy an Android.

Or move to an area where IPv6 coverage has been rolled out. :)

Though I suspect those aren’t very helpful suggestions, sorry.