Access to all planes with Live

I recently purchased live to get the discount for Pro, and it seems as the only planes available are the ones I’ve bought before. Is this supposed to happen or am I supposed to get pro? Also I bought a C130J from before and even after restoring purchases, it does not show up. Can somebody help me to get my C130 again and answer my question about Live?

Thanks in advance

You only get all planes with live +

If you bought the one month live subscription, you get global, live but no airplanes.
You need to upgrade to pro to get all planes.

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Thanks for that. What about the C130?

1 month = no free planes
1 year = WOWZERS! All planes!
PRO = KABOOM! All planes all of a sudden!

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Hmm are you guys sure? I thought Infinite Flight came with all PRO packages…

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Nah…think that would not be fair to all of FDS’s hard work…;)

If you are on iOS can you try clicking the “Restore purchases” button?

As @Kevin_Potthast said - old monthly Live does not get you access to all the planes, but you get Global.