Access restricted?

So apparently when I try to load in to the training server it says this;

It told me to contact support so here I am!

I’ll let the experts speak 👀


Hello, are you sure you are Grade 2 and above ? You need to be grade two to access training server.

Could you show us a picture of your grade table? That might help us out a bit.

I am sure of itimage

Here you go :) Read this topic for more info.

Could you click on the i next to your grade?


Try restarting the app.

Ok, so your issue is not with your grade or vios it looks like.

This has been going on for the past 24hours… I have done that multiple times I also uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s kinda a bummer

Maybe the guardians of the form could help us, (cough cough @Levet)

You don’t have enough XP I think

Yes but you need only to be grade 2 to the training server and I am

Yes, he has all the requirements, just waiting on somebody with more experience to come help.

Oh yeah lol my bad 😂😂…

Hi there. We are looking into it. Hang tight.


Can you do a short five minute flight on casual and then end the flight. See if that helps.


Ok I will do KHND - KVGT in a c172 hopefully 😬

I am currently doing the flight I’m hoping for the best