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Getting access to Real World Aviation > Spotting

I frequently spot KPDX and the surrounding airports, Pearson Field and others. How do I go about requesting access to create new topics for sessions?

I shoot Canon 5D2; 5D4 with f/2.8 24-70/70-200/400 and a variety of other glass like 100-400 f/4.5– and leverage both the 1.4XIII and 2xIII extenders.

At times I have a bit of fun access for some ATC, Tarmac, and Hangar shots from shoots.

Also have a passion for random flight line shots.

My biggest issue is the time to log each flight and the info as I shoot using multiple bodies and maintain capturing action of prioritizing data. GPS helps a lot but still, time.


You need to be a TL 2(member). You are currently a TL 1(basic). Just be more active and contribute to the Community and you’ll make it in no time.


Wait until you’re TL2 by being active and contributing to the community. Keep liking, posting and be active and you’ll be there in no time.

Hey there! You can’t post there as your only TL2. Keep being active, and you’ll get there and be able to post! Read more about TLs here:

Thanks, I figured but I missed the TL2; thanks. I’ll post these up once I have enough contributions.

Though, these are a great way for me to. Ha


This F-15 is awesome⚡️ !! Hope to see more soon !

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The flight line departs about 0900-1000 five days a week and usually make their standard approach 1.25-2.0h later; I often find myself making time to capture at least two of the four each morning. So, shots picked plus shots not but before any rejected shots are pushing close to 3000 of F15s alone at this point.

There are also some fun shots from Boeing, which I will be at Monday and Tuesday🙃

Any Boeing fans :) JK lol