Access Pro on iPad

Dear all,

I have it on my mobile phone ( pro version) but can’t install it on my i pad why?

Thanks a lot

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Welcome to the Community!

Which iPad (exact type & generation number/year) do you have?

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hey thanks to answer that fast :-)

its the i pad of my wife and new it is ipad12.1

It is installed but I I cant go on my pro account

Hey man!

You can access your subscription on multiple devices by connecting your IFC account to your subscription on the device you purchased the subscription from - in your case, your phone. I’ve linked the section of the User Guide explaining how to do so below. Once you’ve linked your IFC account to your subscription, you can sign in to your IFC account on your iPad and you’ll have access to the sub.

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thanks a lot but i can’t go on my pro account

Did you follow the instructions above? Are you getting any error messages during the process?

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