Access Denied!

I used to be a grade 5 pilot but after a report not for the best reason it says i cannot go on expert server even thought im grade 3 now. My grade table is posted below.

my stats are pretty good, huh ;)

You just have to many reports. Just wait for one to remove itself and you should have access to Expert Server in no time! It depends when you received your oldest report. Each report will take a full year to go away, so it could be some time before you will regain access to Expert

Seems like you have reached the limit of ghost to acsess Expert.Wait a year after your first ghost and you will be back on expert during the meantime enjoy Casual and Training

It did remove by itself. I got one report a week ago and now it is gone but i can’t fly. I could before that one though. (i was grade 5)

How is it possible that i am grade three though @Plane-Train-TV

But you still have 6 reports. That is one too many

I am grade three how does that work (You need to be three to be on expert and you can have 15 in two years for grade three)

You must have less than 5 reports to be above grade 3

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Yes and grade three is allowed to access expert

You need to have leas than 5 reports to access Expert as well

Is that true?

You can be grade 3 with 5 reports as stated by Plane Train.However 5 reports is the limit to Acsess Expert Server

But within two years? or one…

1st off… why are you getting reported (ghosted) so much? It’s the “EXPERT” server!


Yes it is. Just wait out your oldest report and practice on Training server until then.

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most of my reports are from beginning of last year when i didn’t really know the rules… I got a lot better now this is my first violation since May

It will take one year to remove one report. If you got reported on May 21, 2018, the report will disappear on May 21, 2019

Sice the beginning of last year you say.You should be back on the expert server once that one you got from the beginning of last year is a year old :)

So i have 5 in one year 6 in two… I flew as a grade 5 with 5 violations in 1 year and 5 in two. Now i have 5 in 1 year and 6 in two. i just don’t see the issue still

But is the rule for one year or two because i meet the requirements of 5 on one year