Acces denied to training server

Hello, the other day I wanted to fly on training server (because I like to talk to the ATC) and it said I had to many violations (They were because I was going at a speed of more than 250 at an altitude less than 10000). Why did you put this, and is there anyway I can play in training server again?
And I also think this is an injustice because I paid USD80 for playing this, and if I cant I wont renew the subscription.
Please help me because I really want to play.

they put the limit there so people won’t buzz the airport at 350 knots and make it more realistic.

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You can have your violations over the last 12 months be equal to or less than your landings over that time frame.

It was put in place to encourage respectable behavior.

Your money was for access to a server. Not a specific server.


It is also not injustice you were the pilot during the violations and you are responsible for your account and it was put into place for more professionalism and realism see below for more info on servers and access

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But I love when its more realistic thats why I like playing with a real ATC, but I promise that it was an accident, because sometimes the plane is really light and it reaches this speed really fast

You can learn from your mistakes so don’t get discouraged! Utilize those errors to improve and come back better than ever. Head over to #tutorials and you’ll be back there in a jiffy ;)