[Accepting Photos] Editing Your Photos

Let’s see how this goes…

Hello IFC! I’ve pretty much ran out of interesting photos to edit, so instead of editing boring photos I’m going to do this to keep my editing skills sharp while I accumulate more photos.

I will edit almost any spotting photo for anyone on this forum.

Few guidelines:

  1. Photos must be of a reasonable quality. Obviously this has a different definition for everyone. I’ll try to be as lenient as possible but if I truly believe a photo is not worth editing I will tell you. Also keep them mostly obstruction free.
  2. I will edit zero to two photos per day, depending on how busy I am. I have no idea how popular this will be but I will set up a queue list so you can see where your photo is.
  3. To submit, you can either PM me your photo here on IFC, or you can PM me for my email and send it through there (higher quality). Obviously RAW files are better but if all you have is JPEG those are okay as well.
  4. Photos must be your own.
  5. Only one photo per person in the queue at a time.
  6. Edited photos will be posted as replies to this topic.



You already know I’m looking for photos

oops, i never saw this rule :(

Isn’t that already an edited photo lol

I’ll get the original and PM it to you.

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Alright, #3 in the queue

Would love to see my photo edited as well :)

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Just PM me with it.

Will do, great action!


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Also added a rule #5:

If you send more, I’ll just pick one.

I don’t know how to send a RAW file on discourse

It says that CR2 is unacceptable lol

sent mine in JPEG for now

Email, PM me for it.

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Wow. That’s so much better! Thanks Andrew!

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Hey everyone, super busy with college applications at the moment so I’ll resume next week.


Good luck!!


Can I get a spot in the queue?

Good luck! You can do it!

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