Accelerometer doesn’t work in the A320

When ever I do a flight in the A320, my controls always seem really weird. For example, when takeing off with a heading of 270, with no wind, i can very easily end up on a heading of 280-290 very quickly. This happened before the update as well. Another time when i was landing in Gatwick once, ended up on final with no ailerons. I was not lined up properly so I went around. I then had to use the auto pilot to land as my tilt sensitivity seemed like it was set at 0% even though it wasn’t. I have tested it and only seem to get the problem in the A320. Haven’t tried the rest of the A320 family apart from one Air India flight where, when I rotated the nose a fraction of a degree, with in seconds, I was at a 90 degree pitch up. Obviously I stalled and crashed into a taxiway. Luckily I didn’t get any violations.
Do any of you have any ideas? I thought it was my accelerometer at first but couldn’t work out why

Sounds like you’ve not calibrated your device. Make sure to calibrate by going to the menu, and pressing “Calibrate”

A: why it was only in Infinite flight. Other games work fine
B: why it was only in the A320

I do calibrate my device.

Well if the issue is just on the A320 and not any other aircraft, then your accelerometer works fine.

Can you share a replay for us to see? Maybe it can give us an inside look into what happened.

Share your replay with this link:

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Hmm, then I’m not sure. The only thing that comes to my mind is trim. Did you happen to set trim too high? Do you use your rudder?

As @Maxim has said, show us your replay so we can see what’s wrong to help you examine the situation :)

I had the same experience regarding heading and I fixed it to unable Auto-Coordination.
However, this will not help for the pitch…

What does the information say in settings -> Controls (The % of the axes)
Is the Roll & Pitch matching with your movements?
Just to know if the data of your accelerometer is correct in IF.

So what happens if you move just a little? Will the % also move a little?

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