ACCEL - Rolls-Royce Electric Plane | World's Fastest!

World’s Fastest Electric Plane, Being Built By Rolls Royce

A group of Rolls-Royce engineers are building an electric airplane, that they believe can, and will smash speed records!


The article did state though, that ACCEL is unlikely to ever be made into a production model, but it’s a cool and interesting topic for us aviation fans, none the less.

The article also stated that the plane would be zero emissions and if succesful could take to the sky in 2020.

The speed target for this aircraft is 300mph, but the engine manufacture has stated that it would likely be more.

What do you guys think, and could you see this concept taking off? (Pardon the pun).

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Seems interesting. I personally don’t think electric planes are the future but this is a step forward for them. I don’t think the flight time is a lot at a decent pace.

Looks like that racing plane. Ultra 300? I forgot the name of it.

They kinda have to, we can’t keep up this jet fuel thing, so they need to reach a point whare they are as good, or better than conventional aircraft…


How about instead of playing around with new designs, RR fixes their production issues that are hurting Airbus, Boeing, and their customers.

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I agree electric plane have to be the future fossil fuels aren’t going to last forever 👀


Yeah couldn’t imagine it being that long of a flight time.

I can see Electric planes, being the airplane of the futures if developed correctly.

I understand that we need to replace Jet Fuel at some point but currently electric planes are not very efficient. They can’t go far or fast. Right now I think nuclear power is underrated in air travel. The reactors that are sent into space power a lot of stuff, they are built to withstand explosions on liftoff. I think that having a reactor on a plane as power would be a suitable replacement.

Damn if cars are going to be electric I would be surprised to see planes go electric soon.

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