ACARS is coming...

…And unfortunately for those of us in the northeast where jetBlue has its hubs, so is winter…


With virtualBlue 2.0, Integrated ACARS for flight logging to our website will now be a reality!

Stay tuned for updates!


Cool. May I just ask a Question?

Is that the ACARS program? Or your own program?

In picture one.

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It’s our website which will have ACARS via third party connection which is in beta testing currently


Nice. I’m the CEO of an upcoming VA (Tanistic Air) and I am learning about the VA systems.

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What does IFACARS stand for?

Oh nevermind.What does IFACARS stand for though?

IFACARS: Infinite flight Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System

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Gentlemen, it’s not “IFACARS” it’s straight up ACARS-nowhere in our post did we mention “IFACARS

This is for virtualBlue pilots and automatically sends PIREPS into our new website without our pilots having to send screenshots of their logbooks or anything else-no more clogging up slack workspaces with logbook pics etc etc. It will be available to many other VA’s once the testing is complete.


IF ACARS is a VO made by myself and @Beast_Assassin. ACARS is a different thing.

So is Virtual blue accepting applications or is it still a work in progress? Any answer will be appreciated😁

It was only a matter of time. Someone needed to connect the groundwork. Well done.

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The ACARS system is still in beta. This thread is meant to be a teaser of what’s coming. Obviously it’s taken some time to get to this point and we’re nearly there. We’ll have a proper full on thread posted in the coming days.

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Ok thanks for the answer👍🏾

It’s been a concept and goal of our VA for quite some time to have this functionality 😉

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Great stuff!

Excited to see what more the mighty John can achieve with his new API toys. And what better VA to test functionality than virtualBlue!



Fixed it 😏

Check your DM’s

I appreciate the dedication, i think VirtualBlue really seems to care a lot about its pilots. Credit to you guys!


It’s not just us, it’s Epaga who’s done all the heavy lifting here as far as coding goes. He’s brought our concepts to life which is part of the reason that
virtualBlue is powered by the In-Flight Suite of Apps

We presented the original idea to him back in August of 2018 and he was kind enough to stick it out with us and develop it into IFOps and now here we are a year and change later beta testing an integrated ACARS system.


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