ACARS for Virtual Airlines

Is there any way that Virtual Airlines can track flights within IF using any ACARS program that is available for FSX? It would become extremely useful to VA owners and eliminate the “honors system” as well. Can this be developed?


A system like this could be developed using the IF live API, but I think there is a rule that flight data cannot be recorded onto devices/servers. Still, would be very useful for VAs like you say.


But it can be transfer to foreflight

ForeFlight gets its data more directly from IF, without going through the public API.

oh okay makes sinces

If implemented this would be a really useful tool, especially now that Infinite Flight has global flight.

Yes, I am aware this is over a year old.

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I certainly like this idea.

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This would make global flight logs so much easier

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Given that some VA Management sites do have a capability to track simulator flights with ACARS data, this would prove very useful in possibly being able to automate flight-logging within some VA systems. I’m interested in seeing this go further.

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Not knowing the technical side of it, but if LiveFlight can access where everyone is, why can’t this be implemented? I hope more VA’s share this within their airline to gain a bit of momentum.

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Just wondering if anyone has looked more further into this? It would be a great tool for VA’s, and would bring more opportunities for VA’s to become more realistic, and for pilots to improve on skills etc.


This might be something you should talk to vtasm about they run that kinda stuff and could probably help you create it I do think its worth the vote

You should learn the meaning of “Necropost”. Thank you.


More detailed version coming.