ACARS for Virtual Airlines

Maybe even the ability to link the website if someone clicks on you?

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It’s been a couple of months, so it’s time we have some new viewers check out this topic and if you’ve got interests - vote for it!

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100% got my vote let me just free one up theI will vote

Any updates on the software

Updates for what software?

This is a feature request that may or may not be implemented by FDS.

Keep your eye on #announcements to stay up to date with the goings on.

I still hope this becomes a reality moving forward. I have looked in the #announcements for an updated thread, but think it has gone by the wayside. Is anyone still working on this for IF?

@Darren_QFA0333 See Below:

@epaga is working on something basically like this. I feel like this isn’t something that the infinite flight developers would work on, more as an addon. :)

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But what about for phpVMS?

Stay tuned for future integration, it might be possible. ACARS for VAs is a question of when, not if 😉

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This is a great idea. I would love this!!!

This needs to happen.

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Pls do get this update…it sounds realistic

I want this so bad!!! Definitely needed for a lot of VAs.

This feature is currently in beta and is working to a certain VA thanks to @epaga

i think this should be closed since it’s already been under develop and partially announced

Well-it is NOT a built in IF feature-it’s third party. So if the devs were to cough hire cough John someday down the line perhaps it would be able to be built into the sim itself.

I’m aware that it was in a IF- third Party App. No Worries. but having more than 1 ACARS, i can’t say much about it.

There will need to be different systems for different VA’s. I think perhaps it shouldn’t be closed so much as bumped occasionally to be included in the sim down the line.

ok. you got a point there :-)

Let’s not forget that #features is for in-game additions, not third party additions. ACARS is not yet in Infinite Flight, so anyone and everyone can continue to vote :)