ACARS connection for Crew Center

Does anyone know how ACARS can connect from Infinite Flight to my crew center so that pilots wont have to show screenshots that they completed the flight??

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is this even available for Infinite flight?

Sounds interesting. There might be a way but probably won’t be easy

G’day, I hate to be that guy I believe this topic goes under #thirdparty .

Also, ask someone who is an expert in the field like @KaiM. I am sure that he will help you out!

Best of luck mate!

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Yes there is a way I’ve developed and one has been developed by @epaga as well, but for now mine is closed source and John’s only works for phpVMS 7.

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I think implenting ACARS in Infinite Flight will be a hard work. ACARS must get flight information such as Flight time, touchdown VS, Cruise FL, used fuel numbers and many other stuff. The problem is that you only can get this information from connecting to user’s device using Infinite Flight Connect. There must be an app like In-Flight Operations (it generates a very cool flight report after flight) which will be availible both for IOS and Android. Moreover, after user’s flight, application must send an information to CC (every VA has their own CC and PIREPs System which is hard to customize too).

I’ve managed to get my IFVARB map on my Crew Center and use part of Velocitys old skin to get the current flights (with permission) but thats not really the same

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That is Live Tracker which is a cool feature for VAs. But you can’t get some important information from it (for now).

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Ye, ACARS does look a lot better

In my opinion, ACARS can be used only when a pilot install separate app on his device which sends flight information to CC. There are 3 problems I can see:

  1. This app must be created both for IOS and Android because you can’t recruit only IOS or Android pilots. To do this, developer must buy licenses for the creation on IOS and Android platforms.
  2. Pilots must be agree to install it, otherwise VAs wouldn’t be able to provide their servises to them.
  3. Some pilots may experience some issues while running IF and IF ACARS at the same time. There must be a really good optimization for divices with 2GB RAM.

…or you could use the Live API like I did and have it all integrated via the CC Web App.

It will be open source eventually, I’ve just got to figure out the best way of to make it universally compatible (it’s got to work on phpVMS, Airtable, vaBase, all of them)


But…does Live API allow you to get touchdown VS, and used fuel?

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Not directly but it can be estimated using the available data

I’m not sure if you wanted to know how to download and screenshot ACARS-style data for your flight, but this is an app that does it. But it doesn’t automatically send it to the crew Center.

No it doesn’t, but strictly speaking you don’t need all that.

Actually the app of John, In flight Operations offers all data that is needed to have a suitable PIREP.
However this app doesn’t support API connections yet, this is is development but seems like John is very busy.

Currently i’m working a desktop based app to act as an ACARS.
My main goal is to use this for my own crew center which is currently in development.
However I’m open to make this work with any other available API.

Desktop app is not perfect, but still a great solution for people that cannot run a background app while flying.
The integration of IF Operations for IFBase is also in development so this way IFBase will have connections with the phone app, but also possible to use a desktop app.

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