AC130 possible glitch

Is this a glitch with th ac130 or was it programmed to be treated by the system as a fighter jet? Because I am on training server and after a minute of flight after takeoff I look at the airspeed and saw that and I didn’t have a violation nor was I over speeding so the only answer I can think of is being bound to fighter jet rules is this true or is it something else?

I believe as it is a military aircraft, it is exempt from civil aviation rules (such as speed limits below 10k feet). I’m not 100% sure though, so if anyone has more extensive or certain knowledge, please share :)

Nope, all the C130s do this. It is a military aircraft so yeah, no speed limits. I’ve flown below 10k at well over 300 knots (wasn’t paying attention) and never got a single warning or vio

I believe I’ve gotten warnings on the c130j before

It’s not a glitch, the C-130 isn’t affected by the 250 knots under 10,000 ft rule.

I fly through the Mach Loop often at speeds greater than 250 knots.

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Oh maybe the ac is the quickest so it is most obvious

Mach loop? What is that

The Mach Loop is a military low flying area in the UK. Search it on YouTube.

Here’s a video of the Mach Loop in IF.

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Military aircraft such as fighters and the C130 do not have speed restrictions placed upon them. The KC10 on the other hand does have speed restrictions placed upon it.

Just because the fighters and the C130 do not have these restrictions is not a free pass to fly like a maniac below 10,000ft or near airports with ATC. Fly responsibly! 🛩