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Quick question Is anyone using a ac charging plug for long hauls over night I’m not to sure if it’s safe I heard they get really hot really quickly and I don’t know if I’m better off using one with a fuse or not because I’m going to leave it unattended ?

The only thing i can say is turn on low power mode on infinite flight, I have done many long hauls as i sleep and im still alive today!

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Yeah that’s on but I noticed the plug gets incredibly hot really quickly 😬

Maybe your AC adapter isnt the correct one for your device?

What device do you use?

iPad mini 2

Are you using a small adapter or a large one?

that’s it there 👍🏻

You shouldn’t have issues, all iPads gets hot and have built in protection. I fly non stop most of the year and has no issues.

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Although your device is unlikely to overheat and explode, I don’t advise you to do that because long term your device battery would spoil. I’d rather you charge it up to near 100% and let the battery discharge overnight.

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Also, can someone tell me how to change my name? As you can see it is one of the worst names i could come up with.

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In regards to the original post

 *Turn  limit frame rate on

 *Turn all graphics to low (until you are ready to land).

 *Turn Scenic 2 ON.

 *Turn brightness to 0%

 *Invest in a mini fan, there 5 bucks. Extremly low voltage. Cost a penny a month to run. 

 *Save a penny a month to run it.
  • (forgot to add) Turn nighttime mode on
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The worst that can happen is it could get so hot that it shuts itself off to prevent damage.

Do not get a mini fan if it plugs in directly to your device as that will obliterate the battery out of existence before you can even say all the words in the dictionary (it takes a bit but it will still ruin your battery :P)

The older the device, the more issues you will encounter, unfortunately. You may just have to sacrifice some graphics so that it can run smooth.

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