AC-208 Combat Caravan (Iraqi Air Force)

I was in complete disbelief that an AC-208 Caravan exists that fires hellfire missiles. I thought it was photoshop at first, but it’s actually a real thing. I’d love to see a variant added to IF that has a hellfire missile attatched under the wing! We do have the the Iraqi Air Force trainer version (a regular 208), but I’d love to see the “AC” variant in the sim!

Source: Wikipedia

Lmao, The Iraqi Air Force? Seriously? I was expecting like Iran to have this type of aircraft. Not bad anyway! 👍🏻👏🏻👌🏻


United Arab Emirates also operate this aircraft! Rich nations have them too lol


There already is an Iraq Air Force Cessna 208 in the sim. Though it is not a combat one, I don’t think t is necessary.


He acknowledged the trainer variant in the game in the original post.


Out of votes, although, a very cool looking Caravan indeed.

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Maybe you could share some of those stories on @jasonrosewell’s podcast one day ;)