AC-130J Ghostrider

The AC-130J, also known as ‘the angel of death’ is a variant of C-130 used mainly for close air support and interdiction missions. With 30mm and 105mm cannons and a range of over 2,500 nautical miles, the ghostrider is undoubtedly the world’s most advanced AC-130 variant ever made.



In may of 2012, Lockheed Martin announced they would be making a new and improved AC-130 called the ‘ghostrider’. This new variant would replace the aging AC-130U and AC-130Ws. After years of development, the AC-130J took its first flight in April of 2013. The first AC-130J squadron was activated at Hurlburt Field, Florida, on February 23, 2018. Just over 35 AC-130Js have been made, and the United States owns all of them. With more advanced radar and fighter technology, the AC-130J is becoming increasingly more vulnerable in an enemy airspace, which makes Lockheed Martin unsure if they want to produce more or not.


The AC-130J is equipped with four Rolls-Royce AE 2100 turboprop engines, each with a maximum of 4,700 horsepower. With these engines, the Ghostrider is capable of a top speed of 362 knots and a range of 2,600 nautical miles. In addition to this, the AC-130J has an areal refueling receptacle which gives it the capability of in-flight refueling. There is plenty of armament aboard, including a 30mm cannon near the front of the aircraft, and a 105mm cannon near the rear of the aircraft. There are also several types of precision-guided munitions aboard the AC-130J.

Ever wonder why the AC-130J’s nickname is ‘the angel of death’? You will understand after watching this video! :D

Why the AC-130J Should Be Added

The current AC-130 we have in Infinite Flight (the AC-130U) is outdated, and is not used very much in the real world anymore. It would be great to see an upgrade by adding the AC-130J along with the U variant, or by replacing the AC-130U altogether. The AC-130J ‘Ghostrider’ is an amazing plane, and would be a great addition to Infinite Flight. Please consider voting above, and thanks for reading!

Sources of Information

AC-130J Ghostrider > Air Force > Fact Sheet Display

…don’t we already have this aircraft?


Nope, this explains the difference between the one we have in the game versus the AC-130J

In other words, the AC-130U ‘spooky’ is the Aircraft we have in the game, and the AC-130J ‘ghostrider’ is an upgraded variant we don’t have yet

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