AC-130 glitch

I really like flying the C-130 family, but when I do, after a few minutes, or if on solo I go to take off or short final, the elevators will lock on to max nose up. I tried recalibrating, but this doesn’t work. Please fix this! My device: Samsung galaxy core prime with 1.2ghz processor and 1GB of RAM running android KitKat

Device? Specs? Software?A little more info will help to resolve the issue.


Have you gone on reply during the time?

I think there is a bug where when you exit replay, then go back to where autopilot was on, it shows autopilot as on but its not. Not sure how to reproduce this though.


Thanks for the report! This is a known issue. When you return from your replay, double-tap the A/P button and you’ll return to normal manual flight. We apologize for the inconvenience but will fix it in coming updates!