AC-130 Drill

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I decided to get some epic photos while doing a mock AC-130 Fire drill.

I flew from KLAX to KDEN on solo, i flew for 2 h and 30 mins. I took 30 minutes to complete the firing drill.


AC-130 Firing on targets (I didnt get the opportunity to get a ground shot. I already deleted the replay.)

Landing (I could not brighten it.)


Nice photos! Though try getting some more shots.

Also check the formatting and try to include more photos!

Yeah but you know,i took the photos a while back and didnt think theyd go on the IF Forum.

Please delete this and did you fly from London to Denver in a C-130? I didn’t think they had that much distance

I meant klax but sure why not.

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Oh, ok. That makes more sense lol

Do you mean KEGE? If you flew from EGLL in 2.5hrs you were going like mach 10.

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Forgot to edit EGLL to KLAX