AC 130 / C-17 Globemaster III Flight Plan and Flight TIme

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make flightplans for military aircraft, as does not include military aircraft. I was also wondering if anyone had a way to calculate the flight time based on distance and wind of the AC-130 because it flies so slowly that you can’t use regular methods.

Hello Casp.

For my C-130 and C-17 flights, I use the following website: Link. Also, I usually select “TACAN Routes” when doing these flights. I’ve found that the C-130 calculations are pretty accurate but the C-17 in IF seems to burn much more fuel so I usually add a bit more to be safe on my flights.


What are TACAN routes, and is there a way to just copy and paste the flight plan? Also, does it tell you specific things like cruise altitude similar to fpltoif?

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TACAN stands for Tactical Air Navigation and is a radio navigation method comparable with VORs. The routes related to this are usually deconflicted from civil routes.


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