Abudy’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]

Anyone wanna stop by at CYVR? more than welcome and please I only need serious users.
It’s in the training server:)


What server? I might hop up from GJT or DEN in the E170/5 or CRJ

Oh yeah it’s in the training server

Hi, please format your tracking thread with “Theking2 Tracking Thread [Open @ CYVR]” and change the bracketed info to closed when you close, and open again once you reopen.

Ok. I might hop up there in about 30mins. Note its atleast a 1-1.5 hr flight

Ok thanks I didn’t know how to make the title.

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Ok but in about 1 hour I won’t be able to control

Ok. I’ll be starting from Vancouver then.

Lovely choice of place 😍. I’ll see what I can do for ya!

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Change of plans I’ll be in a TBM930

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Sorry I wont be able to show up. Sorry

Whatever it’s fine

I’ll be active now for about 30 minutes, anyone coming?

I will come soon

I will try to stop by in a few.

CYVR is now open. Also could someone test my pattern work:)

Quick question do I have to change the title to closed when i am not active?

Yes you have to :)

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CYVR is opened and again… someone please test my pattern work:)))

Could no one come to CYVR?