Abu Dhabi to Jeddah

Hey Guys
I know I haven’t been posting in a while but here is another one. This is a short flight from Abu Dhabi, UAE to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I would request the developers to include Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH, OMAA) into the next set of 3D Airports as it is the base for Etihad, which is a big airline.

Flight Information
Airbus A321
Training Server
FL330 - FL 350
Mach 0.85


No buildings 😐

Taxiing to the runway

Lining up

Positive rate…gear up!

Along the coast of UAE


Never actually knew how big Saudi Arabia is until I flew straight across

This actually looks like Mars

More rocky Martian terrain

EY 2511 is on final runway 34 R

Not a tail strike…not Butter 🧈 tho

Perfect alignment😊…just went a little bit in

That’s it for this flight hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Like the pictures there! Etihad has one of my fav liveries

Thank you, yes i also love the pattern very much

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Nice photos :). Remember that if you’d like Abu Dhabi to be 3D in this next update you can always make a feature post about it. I’m sure you’ll get good votes for it :). Nice job nonetheless.

Thank for the pics…I think you need to have trust level 2 or something for feature topic but I think I don’t have that…soooo yeah

Best looking livery on the A321 !

Nice shots! Don’t be worried because Abu dubai is confirmed for 3D in a future update (hopefully in 22.1).

Yes, totally agree

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Thank you.

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