Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal, UAE 2019

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Our vision has become true. Construction of the new terminal, estimated at more than Dh10 billion (approx $2.9 billion), would boost Abu Dhabi’s aviation sector to meet a spike in demand and help diversify its economy.

The building work is now 95 per cent complete. The midfield terminal will expect to open this August, 2019 and will start operation at the end of 2019.



• 742,000 square metres

• Can handle a capacity of 84 million passengers annually

• Capacity to handle 11,000 passengers per hour

• 19,200 pieces of luggage per hour

• 35,000 square metres of Duty Free shopping, dining, and entertainment

• Over 15,000 workers involved in the construction

■ Etihad Airways (ETD) HUB will be placed into the new midfield terminal, we will look forward to see you all soon inbound into our new terminal.

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Interesting stuff. This will be risky though considering a Etihad needs to turn things around. With Etihad no longer around this terminal wouldn’t be utilised much I gather. Much like Hamad airport which is mianky used by Qatar.


I see someone’s jealous of KPIT’s layout 😝


Is this new Airport located close to the old one or a bit far?

It’s not a new airport, it’s simply a new terminal

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This terminal is constructed by Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC). It has been agreed that ETD will placed in the new terminal because Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and the HUB is in Abu Dhabi,
Etihad Airways is a large major airline in the world and one the 10th safest airlines in 2018 ranked by JACDEC.
And note that this terminal can not be compared with other terminals in the middle east as well as in the world because it has been designed by got talented national people.
It is a new design , well known by meaning.

Have a good day brother :)


Wow, I live in the country and didn’t know about this :D

It sounds awesome. I wonder if Emirates or Ethiad may come and use it.

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They have the largest operatings at Abu Dhabi by far, it wouldn’t look right if they didn’t use it

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i thought it was an new airport anyways hope this boosts etihad airways.


■ This Midfield Terminal will start operation by Aug, 2019
■ Etihad Airways (ETD) will start business operation in the midfield terminal by Sept, 2019
■ Etihad Fleet towing to Midfield Terminal as follows;
》 A380 Big Birds
》 A350 XWB
》 A330 Family
》 B777 300ER
》 B787 Dreamliners


Midfield Terminal Updates;


His Excellency Khalifa Al Mazrouei, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) stated:

“Abu Dhabi Airports Company is pleased to announce the release of the MTB tender which is a key milestone in the development of Abu Dhabi’s International airport and a significant component in delivering Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. We are investing to ensure our growing customer base experiences the highest level of service available, in a distinctive facility that has been designed and is being constructed in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.”

Currently, the piling works for the MTB have been completed, with a total of 7,425 piles, and the grading works for the East Midfield are underway which will house the various support facilities for the new Midfield Terminal Building.

Source: adac.ae

Indeed. It’s a new terminal in the field of Abu Dhabi International Airport “AUH”

AbuDhabi airport is the best airport I see the old one also there aircraft very nice
What you think about New one it’s will be amazing .
اتمنى لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة المزيد من التقدم والرقي
بالتوفيق لكم

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Midfield Terminal Project Time Frame

New updates;

By operating the midfield terminal, and ETD operation at the fourth quarter 2019, we expect number of traffics to increase 30% at Abu Dhabi International Airport “AUH”

Once the Midfield Terminal is officially open for operating, I will announce a new topic celebrating this on IFC and we may have an event approval to fly over Abu Dhabi International Airport “OMAA” and if so we could use Etihad Airways Fleet to fly between “Abu Dhabi” & “Dubai” -

EXPO2020 is coming the next year in Dubai, as we expect very huge number of passengers “PAX” to visit United Arab Emirates “UAE”, PAX will regularly arrive at following airports;


During this time we will also announce for a new event - to fly over United Arab Emirates region only once we get approval to do so …

I personally can’t wait for this moment 🙂


The new update comes for the routes constructions, as the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) about to finalise the Midfield Terminal so they can start operating the business within 3 or 4 months. The project started 2 days back, as expected to finish at the end of August, 2019

More detailed information availabe in the National website

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Good job UAE .
Abudabi airport will be the 8th miracle on world 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Construction of the New Midfield Terminal building at AUH (OMAA) is nearing completion …

The construction work of the New Midfield Abu Dhabi Terminal at AUH (OMAA) has reached its final stages and is nearing completion. The operational readiness tests are currently ongoing, all the systems and facilities in the building are being tested. And the testing operation is operating for HBS system before operation.

** Apologies for the late updates


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