Abu Dhabi Fly Out

Can I have this one please

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All signed up lets fill the home of Etihad Airways!

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I’ll take this one pls

All singed up lets keep filling the home of eithad!!

Event Bump!!!

They don’t fly to Los Angeles lol

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They used to lol. So many people wanted that route for some reason

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Event Bump Bump!!!

can i have Aprons Gate 2-206 Qatar Airways A321 Doha please

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can I be a special flight a B747-8 to perth as CA748 / EY748 a charter Boeing 747-8 flight from abu dhbai and ill have a custom flight plan can i have T3 Gate 309? and someone else can have the gate as well but the charter is also at the gate? ill be a charter Air china Boeing 747-8 to perth

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All signed up

Can i make a custom flight plan?

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Btw is Gate 309 a remote stand? or gate 35? terminal

Can i also get a 2nd sign up for a Etihad B787-10 to perth? as a storage flight and maitinence flight?

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who will be flying it?

me as well on a second ipad

I’m gonna change

Sorry can I change mine to Air France A350 to Paris AF639