Abt airport runways

why in some airports there’s a black spot as part of the runway, but that space isn’t for landing or taking off? wouldn’t it be better to use it and so to extend the runway length?

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Thats the threshold

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you can indeed use it to takeoff but not land


This is called the Displaced Threshold:

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Perfect Explanation

oh I see, tysm

lol thanks

Yea see you don’t wanna land there you
Would like to land on the solid white bricks then yea


Use the link that @BennyBoy_Alpha gave you. It should help, and he actually knows what hes talking about lol


Yes, and by the way, IF does not take those threshold into account, so your landing Runway might be shorter than expected!

Yep! And so don’t most sources, for that, you’ll need to reference the charts or any other source that specifically tell you either the length of the displaced threshold or the available landing distance for the runway, attached is a pretty nice example
Above is a random diagram I pulled up from google, this appears to be EGLF/FAB, Farnborough airport.