Abstinence From Live

In this period I have not a Live subscription, so I’m forced to do some flight in Solo…

The problem, however, is that every time that I spawn at a gate I do every single thing that a real pilot do, I start pushback and I turn perfectly to line up with the taxi line, set parking brake, flap down and go taxiing with the maximum precision…
Then, I take off and I set the A/P… After 1/2 mins I close the app because I no longer want to fly because there isn’t ATC and other planes and that isn’t exciting so bye bye IF… 😂

Without Live my life is nothing 😂 [I look forward to Christmas ;)]

Has it ever happened to you guys this thing? 😂 Comment below your experience!!!


Never lol…I’ve had Live since the day I began. I’m very afraid to try flying without any other pilots


Ahahah yes, me too! 😂

I have bought my first live subscription on August 2016, for a month. On September I got my first Live+ subscription, and I’ve had IF since March 2014!!

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I got IF in July 2015 and got Live+ December of 2015, so I had some time to get used to the basics of IF. I was definitely thrilled by all the other features live provided and I can’t really imagine IF without it.

I’m an old school IF player - I started about 6 months before live was implemented lol. I’m used to solo at this point XD


Solo is the shell and Live is the soul. I enjoy attempting “perfection” in solo mode. The instant replays are fun to play with and I enjoy watching wing flex from the wing window view. Your life is nothing? Lol, no no no. Go plane spotting or something. IF is amazing, in the mean time get outside and enjoy life.

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I assume you mean absence… because what you originally put it your title is something really inappropriate. (Use caution if you wish to look up what it means)

On topic now. No, this hasn’t happened to me. I have money.

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Live+ will get rid of all your problems!

I wish it those but unfortunately live + doesn’t get rid of Nimrods flying on expert server, yet.

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False. Abstinence can be used for other things, such as alcohol and in this case live. The form that you are referring to isn’t necessarily inappropriate either, but a practice used for religious purposes or for STD prevention.


But flying on servers that aren’t busy does.

Nimrod is not the preferred nomenclature so much as peanut.

Not always Mr. Genius

I call them what I want to call them.

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When first love came out my iPad at the time couldn’t support the upgrade so I was forced to stay with Solo mode for about 4 months till I had got my new iPad Air2 and the upgrades. Before I got live I didn’t understand why some people said they didn’t like flying without live but as soon as I got it I understood!

These days I use solo only if I am learning a new aircraft ( or not flown it for a while!) by practising my short finals. Also I do sometimes use Solo mode if I am traveling and don’t have WiFi…but usually pick up a book instead!

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Well I’m sorry to hear that.

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That is sadly very true.

I started playing IF in early 2013 and played Solo until February of this year. It wasn’t bad since I didn’t know what Live was like, but now that I have Live I mostly stay on it except for maybe once a week.

I am like @hmkane. Only difference is I download IF in 2013. I only fly on solo for testing or replay purposes.

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How is that different from me?

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I was trying to tell you you made a typo.

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