Absolutely NEED active ATC to 'turn off' runways!

I am sick of it! Having two open ‘green’ runways in opposite directions Is a headache as an ATC! There should be, NO, correction, NEEDS TO BE, an ability to either turn an undesired runway approach ‘red’ and thus ‘off’ or at the very least a message that allows ATC’s to inform pilots that ‘I as ATC’ want you to enter from the other bloody direction, and I don’t care if the runway is green, gold or any other colour!. Trying to hint at that with all the other options is madness. Those ‘numb nuts’ who see green and go for it (eg runway 9 at San Diego when everything and everyone is coming and going from 27) or visa versa for that matter, should have their planes drop into the blasted ocean!

And another thing, STOP SAYING ‘remaining in the pattern when you want to depart after being told infinite times there is no pattern work!!’ These are another pack of brainless dweebs I’d like to see disappear altogether!!! Just having a snarl, don’t get offended.


Yeah, yeah, there are other similar posts, but I need to restate it ANEW,!!!

ahahaha. I’m the exact same!! :)

very annoying when as ATC you have a good pattern coming in one way and some idiot ignores your instructions and comes straight in from the other end!

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yes i saw it , i juust departure from KSAN to KPSP . i saw both off runway is open , even KPSP also both side open . you can find me now 35 away from KPSP , with callsign indonesia 986

Right… And no way of telling them. The deny entry message makes you look stupid, the go around one is just as lame, trying to string together a few odd messages to try and hint at it just makes everyone else at the other, correct, end of the runway annoyed, so they start jumping in and taking off on their own, in the end you have a huge mess and all for what, a single brainless monkey at the helm of an imaginary plane! Thank gosh they are not real pilots, could you imagine?


When they call inbound, you tell them to enter to the active rwy. If you are complaining about the playground server, making a rwy red will not help.

We already have ATIS.

I 100% agree. The other solutions don’t work.

There’s no ATIS in playground, and when the METAR allows opposing runways to be green due to wind under 5 knots is just chaos. I cannot believe the lack of common sense in people trying to takeoff and land against ALL other traffic.

I’m also sick of hearing people say ‘it’s playground. Bad luck. You should expect it’ … NO, I should expect a few common mistakes due to inexperience, not blatant disregard for other users and impatience.

I don’t expect playground ATC to be given full ATIS access, but they need to be able to de-activate runways and have more selection of ATC messages saying ‘that runway is closed!’


It’s common sense really. If you notice and hear everyone is landing in one direction why would ask for or land on the other(Green or not)? It’s about paying attention to detail. And if you really want to be a pilot, sorry to say that person will have a lot of work to do.

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Yeah, Lauren’s, we do. In the advanced server only! And for the life of me I have no clue why every attempt I’ve made to get this ‘elusive advanced server ATC license’ has gone unanswered, unresponded and unrealised. The fact remains, there has, in my experience, NEVER been an ATIS message on the playground, period! It seems that cookie is solely for the elite, who just couldn’t be bothered with the playground. Hey, how about an ‘automated ATIS’? Too much to ask for huh? The fact is, most people don’t actually go to the advanced server; or didn’t you notice? And the ATIS this is ‘barred’ there, again, from my experience. So what are you actually saying???

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Have you not noticed, there is absolutely nothing ‘common’ about ‘sense’. Another fictitious myth, the ‘what ever’s’ subscribe to, to make sense of ‘what ever’. LOL, too deep? Ah, deal with it. Having fun, that’s all.

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Lol good one

Well just tell them to taxi to whatever runway you want them to taxi to…
It’s that easy! :P