Absolutely horrible FPS at RKSI

im taxiing and parked at RKSI, and for some reason, the FPS is absolutely horrid, sub-30 FPS (sub 15 at some points too). I have the graphic settings at the max.

also, I haven’t experienced this problem at other airports

here’s what I’ve tried (and hasn’t worked):

lower all graphic settings to low/very low

clear cashe

turn off all other aircraft

device: 2021 iPad Pro - IOS 16 (or 17, haven’t checked if I updated )

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I think it might be because there’s an event. There are a lot of arrivals/departures.

yeah, but this (event at events) doesn’t go below 40

never mind, it fixed itself

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never mind, its really bad again, it spikes up and back down

Low your graphics, the airport is huge and bery detailed probably this is the problem, try it!

I flew from JFK perfectly fine

Honestly it will be down to the amount of traffic and the size and detail of the airport, in combination it is tough on devices, even my device which never really crashes crashed once while controlling. Unfortunately with large amounts of traffic at airports like RKSI it cannot be helped.

if there is a lot of plane traffic and depending on wifi it could affect your device

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