Absolutely BUTTERING the MD-11

*this is not a “meme” video

I made this video after landing in Zurich with the MD-11. Subscribe :D


Sorry the thumbnail is low quality, I’ll try to fix that.

Sweet !!! 😀

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Thank you!! :D

Smoothness: 69/10
Centerline: 9.5/10
Touchdown zone: we don’t talk about that
Overall: 9.7/10
Very nice!!


Thank you!! touchdown zone was like -1938273774738210918737181 lolll


@Swiss I wonder if he is even active on the IFC

Nice/I just laned in tokyo from LA and I BUTTERED the landing. I was nice

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Nice!!! What aircraft? I wanna see the replay ;)

It was a 777-300er. with ANA

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Nice!! I used to fly that one before I joined Air Canada virtual, but I switched to the 777-200LR because it is shorter and doesn’t tailstrike as much.

Yeah that’s true also here the replay. Don’t watch me taxi I was tired.

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How do I post it

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Use the little “up” button at the top of the reply box.

Oh ok thanks

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Nice landing ! :)

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Thank you!!! :D

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