Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

This list consists of any airline that has a livery in IF but currently is missing a callsign.

I have looked up all names and callsigns. If anyone sees an error, or wants to make a suggestion, please let me know!

AirNet Systems Star Check (Currently incorrect, with AirNet Systems as wrong callsign)
Air National Guard National Guard

Baron Aviation Services Show-Me
Bombardier Bombardier

Castle Aviation Castle (Currently incorrect, with Castle Aviation as wrong callsign)
Civil Air Patrol Cap (Pronounced as Cap, not Charlie Alpha Papa)
CSA Air Iron Air

DHL Aero Expreso Yellow
DHL International Aviation ME Dilmun

Emirates Cargo Emirates (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)
Empire Airlines Empire
Endeavor Airlines Endeavor (Recently changed to Endeavor from Flagship)
Etihad Cargo Etihad (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)
European Air Transport Leipzig Eurotrans
ExpressJet Acey

Fat Albert Fat Albert

Hurricane Hunters Teal

KLM Cityhopper KLM (Currently incorrect, with City as wrong callsign)

Mexicana Click Click
Morningstar Air Express Morningstar

Norweigian Air International Nortrans (used on Irish based IBK 738s).
Norweigian Air UK Norworld

Pakistan Airlines Pakistan (Currently incorrect, with Pakistan Airlines as wrong callsign)
Porter Airlines Porter

Qantas Q-Jet (Used on QantasLink 717)

RAF Ascot (used on RAF C130)
RAF RAFAIR (used on RAF C130)
RCAF Burma (Domestic)
RCAF Canforce (International)

Spirit Airlines Spirit Wings (Currently incorrect)
Swiss Global Airlines Euroswiss (Used on Swiss 777)

Turkish Airlines Cargo Turkish (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)

USCG Coastguard
United States Marines Marine

West Air Pac Valley
Wiggins Airways Wiggins Airways

Xiamen Air Xiamen Air

Please keep format when adding callsigns, and if you want don’t forget to comment on what you added below… Also please don’t delete something already on the list unless there is a real issue with it. :)

I will do my best to keep this list current and updated indefinitely… Don’t forget to like this topic so it gets on the devs radar!


@NetJets_Nick thanks for the additions, but a couple of issues. First, Mountain Air and AirNet Systems (same as AirNet Express) are already added. Second, and this is the first line of the post, “This list consists of any airline that has a livery in IF but currently is missing a callsign.” None of the above additions have a livery in IF, and even then, the planes they may operate on behalf of DHL aren’t found in IF.

So, if @CptNathanHope doesn’t mind some more editing, can we re-add C130 in front of the RCAF Burma callsign only, as @Damian said, and — no offense meant, these just don’t belong on the list with the stated requirements — can we delete @NetJets_Nick 's additions? (Only keep Castle Aviation’s callsign, as it contains an error). Thanks


Done and done. :)

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Then a correction needs to made to the Airnet Systems callsign. It currently is Airnet Systems but it needs to be Star Check

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I have heard Lufthansa Cargo crews using “Lufthansa Cargo …” as a callsign.

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@Bfinley1255 In the old Missing Callsigns post, someone said they just use their airline name… Maybe it depends on the airline?

@Rock77… Pls add:
Marine" C-130 (Fat Albert) + F/A-18 plus RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) **
(** useable by all generic.)

@Maxmustang I put Marine in. RAAF doesn’t have an actual livery in IF though. Per the “guidelines” I put above, only planes w/ liveries in IF w/o callsigns are added.

EDIT: I do see that they operate a 737-700… Would that have a livery/insignia, or be completely generic, like in-game?

Thanks for all the great C208 and 757 cargo additions @CptNathanHope !

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I think Lufthansa uses Lufthansa Cargo…
Correct me if I’m wrong…
I got the information from:

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The ATC says, “Lufthansa Cargo 8145”

I’m pretty sure all of the callsigns on this list can be added after the C-130 update. Also because we have so many other Air Force aircraft. Correct me if I’m wrong.

For EVA Air, the correct pronunciation of the callsign is “A-va” or “EEE-va.” This is a suggestion.

The EVA Air callsign should be ‘Ee-va’, rather than the current ‘Echo Victor Alpha’! :)


@Rock77 what about a national guard callsign and the Civil Air Patrol callsign? Would those be exceptions to the rule thaf the liveries need to be in IF?

@NetJets_Nick I’m not sure… Could those potentially be applied to any C130s we have, or something along those lines? Although I guess I wouldn’t have an issue with it, if you want to add those. Also thanks for adding the Hurricane Hunters callsign!

Also, when you do edit those in, would you be so kind as to remove the KLM pronunciation part, the part about giving the post likes, and the UPS callsign? The likes part is outdated, the KLM part is a separate feature request for pronunciations — it’s not incorrect or missing, and UPS is already in the simulator… I’m not a regular right now, and I made the post so long ago I can’t edit it any longer. Thanks!

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Add “COCKATOO” because it currently says it is profanity…

Do you have a source for this? I can’t seem to find one. And some of the ones that mention the callsign say that Fat Albert’s callsign is simply Fat Albert.

@NetJets_Nick… My error Nick. I picked up a specious xmit from FSX.
and confused it with real world. Pls disregard “Nonfirm” my embarrassing error.
Please add “Marine” as requested for years, associated it to the F/A-18, C-130J and a few generics. Previous comment deleted.Regrets, Max

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The list is only for liveries in IF without a callsign, sorry!