Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

Oman Air added, after 787 was confirmed…


In real life, Air France Cargo flights fly under the ‘Air France’ callsign, not Air France Cargo. Same goes for Etihad Cargo (they use the ‘Etihad’ callsign).

@Henrik_E Thanks for the input! I notice in the callsign list we already have that Emirates and Etihad both have Cargo in their callsigns, but Turkish and Qatar don’t. Is there potentially a difference among airlines? Either way, I’ll make an adjustment above.

Also, I’ve added Air Tahiti Nui and Azerbaijan Airlines. Can’t wait!

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I believe Oman Air’s call sign is just Oman

They need to add military call signs for the USAF C-17

@tacobell1015 according to wikipedia it is Oman Air…

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C-17s and so forth all would theoretically fly under Air Force XXX in IF.

@Rock77 Happy to help :) Long story short: Air France, Emirates, Etihad, Turkish, and Qatar all use the same callsigns for their respective passenger and cargo operations.

Qatar Airways Cargo is an interesting one, since the freighter aircraft are owned by an airline which was assigned the airline ‘Qatar Airways Cargo’, yet the aircraft only operate cargo flights on behalf of Qatar Airways, thereby using the ‘Qatari’ callsign, so the ‘Qatar Airways Cargo’ callsign is never used.

The situation is similar to Norwegian’s 787’s: They’re owned or leased by an airline called ‘Norwegian Long Haul’ with the callsign ‘Norstar’, yet exclusively operate long-haul flights on behalf of ‘Norwegian Air Shuttle’, so they only use that airline’s standard callsign ‘Nor Shuttle’. So, the callsign ‘Norstar’ is never used, similarly to ‘Qatar Airways Cargo’. Hope that makes sense!

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you should probably aadd china southern in now. Callsign “China Soutern”

@tacobell1015 Already in the game :)

Added Scoot after 787-9 confirmed on IF’s FB. This update is looking fantastic @Laura!!

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The update must be getting close. I hope these callsigns are included in it! :) (Added LATAM to aid in distinguishing the callsign the new 787 will belong to).

Wow. Update out on Android!! Can anyone confirm if the callsign list was updated or not?

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@AmericanAirlines Do you have iOS or Android?

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Vietnam isn’t updated for sure

@HV9690 Hmm. Any others you can see that were added/not added?

Royal Jordanian
Tahiti Nui

That’s it for the 78’