Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

Executive Jet Management (EJM)
Call sign: JetSpeed

EJM is a subsidiary of NetJets.

@NetJets_Nick Would that be for any corporate liveries in IF? I’ll add it in anyways…

Well, I am pretty sure they use the NetJets liveries, only two of NetJets fleet are in the game (Cessna Citation X & Boeing 737 BBJ). However as of now their is no NetJets Livery in the game.

I realize, I just was wondering. It’s similar to how I phrased CommutAir, as operating another airline’s liveries. I’ve added it in, as you can see. Thanks for bringing it up!

No Problem, thanks for adding it!

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Added Atlas Air

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@Lare I agree! I’m hoping this list gets on the devs’ radar soon (excuse the pun)…

@rock77 make this wikim

@R_Jordanian I don’t possess those abilities I don’t think. Either way, if you have any suggestions or edits, just let me know and I’ll edit it…

You can, just click on the wrench under your post

Added Royal Jordanian, which was confirmed in the recent 787 videos…

Added TUI Nederland, after 787 was confirmed below:

Hi @Matt_McElligott… As far as I can tell, the latest available version of IF (not beta), which I have, already included Mesa (Air Shuttle).

Oman Air added, after 787 was confirmed…


In real life, Air France Cargo flights fly under the ‘Air France’ callsign, not Air France Cargo. Same goes for Etihad Cargo (they use the ‘Etihad’ callsign).

@Henrik_E Thanks for the input! I notice in the callsign list we already have that Emirates and Etihad both have Cargo in their callsigns, but Turkish and Qatar don’t. Is there potentially a difference among airlines? Either way, I’ll make an adjustment above.

Also, I’ve added Air Tahiti Nui and Azerbaijan Airlines. Can’t wait!

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I believe Oman Air’s call sign is just Oman

They need to add military call signs for the USAF C-17