Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

@EdT since this is only for missing callsigns, I would create an individual separate topic to change it… Just so we keep this specifically for completely missing callsigns.

and [quote=“Rock77, post:1, topic:44877”]
Republic Airlines (Operates United Express E-170) Brickyard

I made a topic on those two callsigns.

@Bulba Yes. IF already has callsigns like Skywest and Shuttle America. I specifically included CommutAir and Republic Airlines because the United Express Dash-8 and E-170 can be operated under these callsigns, which are currently missing.

Added Virgin Australia after confirmation the 777-300ER will be included in next update!


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@AmericanAirlines based off of confirmations on Instagram and FB pages for Infinite Flight. As you can see, I say which ones I add and link them to confirmation topics on the forums… Here are my sources not in previous replies to this post:

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@AmericanAirlines That’s the whole point of this :) I’m making sure to draw attention to the fact the callsign should be added, since the livery will now be in IF. Like I said in my original post, this list is for aircraft in IF with a livery but not a callsign. In past experience, the new liveries often don’t come with callsigns in the list during an update. So, I’m trying to draw attention to this so the devs (I would like to tag them but I won’t) can add these missing callsigns to the list for that added level of realism!!

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Yes. Approved. Now that the Virgin Australia 777-300ER and Air France Cargo 777-200F are confirmed, We should get those Callsigns.

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Added Yakutia Airlines

Yeah I realized that Austrian wasn’t in the game when k wanted to take the Austrian a321 for a flight to LFPG but realized the callsign wasn’t there 😪

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IIRC, Silkair was available in the past, but somehow it’s missing since the latest update

@SingaporeAirlines Really? I didn’t realize that! Well, now that it is missing, hopefully the devs see this list and add it back in (along with the others, of course)!


If I remember correctly, as previously I’ve used MI A319 and having no issue with it (Including callsigns)

You sure it existed? Jialat man if they really ended up removing it LOL

Well, I’m bringing this up again to try and get some more attention and support before the next update. Here’s to this hopefully getting included!

Executive Jet Management (EJM)
Call sign: JetSpeed

EJM is a subsidiary of NetJets.

@NetJets_Nick Would that be for any corporate liveries in IF? I’ll add it in anyways…

Well, I am pretty sure they use the NetJets liveries, only two of NetJets fleet are in the game (Cessna Citation X & Boeing 737 BBJ). However as of now their is no NetJets Livery in the game.

I realize, I just was wondering. It’s similar to how I phrased CommutAir, as operating another airline’s liveries. I’ve added it in, as you can see. Thanks for bringing it up!