Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

This list consists of any airline that has a livery in IF but currently is missing a callsign.

I have looked up all names and callsigns. If anyone sees an error, or wants to make a suggestion, please let me know!

Bombardier Bombardier

RCAF Burma (Domestic)
RCAF Canforce (International)

Emirates Cargo Emirates (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)
Etihad Cargo Etihad (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)

KLM Cityhopper KLM (Currently it’s CITY which is incorrect. Just use KLM’s callsign)

Lufthansa Cargo Lufthansa (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)

Norweigian Air International Nortrans (used on Irish based IBK 738s).

Pakistan Airlines Pakistan (Currently incorrect)
Porter Airlines Porter

Qantas Q-Jet (Used on QantasLink 717)

Spirit Airlines Spirit Wings (Currently incorrect)
Swiss Global Airlines Euroswiss (Used on Swiss 777)

Turkish Airlines Cargo Turkish (Currently incorrect, cargo branches just use callsign of actual airlines)

USCG Coastguard

Xiamen Air Xiamen Air

Air Transport International - Air Transport


Skybus Airlines - Skybus

Wheels Up (Gama Aviation) - Gama Jet

Kalitta - Connie

Kalitta Charters - Kalitta

Airnet Express - Star Check

Capital Cargo International Airlines - Cappy

Ultimate Air Shuttle - Ultimate

Freight Runners Express - Freight Runners

Polar Air Cargo - Polar Tiger

Mountain Air Cargo - Mountain

Castle Aviation - Castle (already implemented incorrectly with castle aviation as callsign.)

Please keep format when adding callsigns, and if you want don’t forget to comment on what you added below… Also please don’t delete something already on the list unless there is a real issue with it. :)

I will do my best to keep this list current and updated indefinitely… Don’t forget to like this topic so it gets on the devs radar!


Lufthansa Cityline is Hansaline


Thanks I’ll put that in :)

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@MishaCamp, you should make this a wiki.

Infinite Flight is: IFFG and IFWP

@Parsa Yes, but that stands for Infinite Flight Fan Group and Infinite Flight World Pilots. If you don’t belong to those organizations, you won’t use those. I only thought of the Infinite Flight callsign in case someone wants to fly the Infinite Flight livery with matching callsign. Both the Infinite Flight and FDS callsigns were just an idea…

Has no callsign

@Patrick_U Wasn’t sure about that one. From what I found on Wikipedia, the Sécurité Civile helicopters fly under “Dragon,” but I also couldn’t find a callsign for the fixed wing aircraft. I only put that there because I wasn’t sure what else they would fly under…

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Also, based on the Dash-8 livery speculation from the 10,000 member competition, looks like we need another callsign: Island Air


Plus there are capitalisation errors. ‘JetStar’ is actually ‘Jetstar’ and was always written that way. Also ‘TigerAir’ is ‘Tigerair’. If those that minor errors could be fixed that would be great.


@EdT since this is only for missing callsigns, I would create an individual separate topic to change it… Just so we keep this specifically for completely missing callsigns.

and [quote=“Rock77, post:1, topic:44877”]
Republic Airlines (Operates United Express E-170) Brickyard

I made a topic on those two callsigns.

@Bulba Yes. IF already has callsigns like Skywest and Shuttle America. I specifically included CommutAir and Republic Airlines because the United Express Dash-8 and E-170 can be operated under these callsigns, which are currently missing.

Added Virgin Australia after confirmation the 777-300ER will be included in next update!


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@AmericanAirlines based off of confirmations on Instagram and FB pages for Infinite Flight. As you can see, I say which ones I add and link them to confirmation topics on the forums… Here are my sources not in previous replies to this post:

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@AmericanAirlines That’s the whole point of this :) I’m making sure to draw attention to the fact the callsign should be added, since the livery will now be in IF. Like I said in my original post, this list is for aircraft in IF with a livery but not a callsign. In past experience, the new liveries often don’t come with callsigns in the list during an update. So, I’m trying to draw attention to this so the devs (I would like to tag them but I won’t) can add these missing callsigns to the list for that added level of realism!!

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Yes. Approved. Now that the Virgin Australia 777-300ER and Air France Cargo 777-200F are confirmed, We should get those Callsigns.

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Added Yakutia Airlines