Absent/Missing Callsigns 3

Once again, I’m back with a list of absent/missing callsigns for aircraft liveries! The Devs did a great job of recently updating the callsign list in game so there’s tons to choose from, but with the MD-11/DC-10 update, some were left out :)

This list consists of any airline that has a livery in IF but currently is missing a callsign.

If a mod could make this a wiki, I’d appreciate it! Please keep the format the same if adding or modifying a callsign…

10 Air Tanker Carrier 10 Air Tanker? (UNKNOWN)

Aeroflot Cargo Aeroflot
Arrow Air Big A
Avensa Avensa
Avient Aviation Av Avia

Canadian Airlines International Canadian
Centurion Air Cargo Challenge Cargo
Condor Condor
Continental Airlines Continental

DAS Air Cargo Dairair

Emery Worldwide Emery

Gemini Air Cargo Gemini

KC-10 Extender (UNKNOWN)
Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Flightcraft

Martinair Cargo Martinair

National Airlines National

Solar Cargo Solar Cargo? (UNKNOWN)

Varig Log Velog

World Airways World

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It’s already being worked on actually :)
A list have been compiled and will be added to the app eventually!


Since I found like 60 KC-10 callsigns, the callsign for the one in the game is “BORA.”

The callsign for any tanker heading to the UK is “GOLD.”

The callsign for any tanker heading to/coming from the Middle East is “MOBILE.”

Callsigns for the KC-10 Include:
Whistler (305th AMW McGuire AFB NJ, 60th AMW Travis AFB CA)
Wrestler (305th AMW McGuire AFB NJ)
Astro (60th AMW Travis AFB CA)
Blue (Any USAF Tanker enroute from the UK)
Cafe (305th ARW McGuire AFB NJ)
Claw (305th ARW McGuire AFB NJ)
Duce (76/78th ARS AFRC McGuire AFB NJ)
Esso (722nd ARW, March AFB, CA)
Ethyl (East coast alert tanker)
Extender (60th AMW TRAVIS AFB CA)
Exxon (USAF tankers tasked to/from the Middle East)
Force (2/32nd ARS, McGuire AFB, NJ)
Gassy (305th AMW McGuire AFB NJ)
Ghost (412th TW Edwards AFB CA)
Gold (Any USAF tanker en route to the UK)
Gucci (79th ARS, AFRC Travis AFB, CA)
Hoist (2/32nd ARS, McGuire AFB NJ)
Lehi (412th TW, Edwards AFB, CA)
Mobile (USAF tanker tasked to/from the Middle East)
Opec (2nd/32nd ARS MCGUIRE AFB NJ)
Orca (79th ARS/60th AMW AFRC Travis AFB CA)
Primo (722nd ARW, Travis AFB, CA)
Pro (722nd ARW, Travis AFB, CA)
Quake (60th AMW Travis AFB CA)
Quest (60th AMW, Travis AFB CA)
Roving (NORAD CAP/Alert tankers)
Shamu (60th AMW, Travis AFB CA)
Shell (USAF tanker tasked to/from the Middle East)
Sierra (60th AMW, TRAVIS AFB)
Texaco (USAF tanker tasked to/from the Middle East)
Toga (79th ARS, Travis AFB, CA)
Universal (9th ARS, Travis)

I can make one of these for the C130 aswell.


Not too sure where you got “bora” from. Also, “Gold” and “Mobile” aren’t the only callsigns that are used for those trips.

The callsign for this is most likely Ten Tanker.

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Look for it.

BORA is the only callsign applicable to the KC-10 in the game. Also, it’s a bit redundant to add multiple call signs that have the same meaning.

Well then maybe we need a whole separate menu in the callsign selection for just military callsigns. Also, Bora isn’t the only callsign for the In-game KC-10, on my list above there are multiple callsigns for the 60th AMW Travis AFB, CA.

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I like the comprehensive list, but probably only a couple more common ones would need to be inputted :)

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Awesome! Look forward to when it’s added


Ok, Then we totally need these two:


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I believe 10 tanker air carrier’s callsign is just “Tanker”

Should this be in support section not features? I feel that when you add a new aircraft livery then adding the callsign should be added also. They go hand in hand with each other. It might get more attention over in the other section.

Yeah, agreed, I don’t really view it as a feature request. Probably more suited for #general.

It’s on my to-do list, I’ll get these updated!